About us

Every Constituency Conservative Association has just one objective- to provide support to ensure that Conservatives are elected at every level of government.

Support can be through: 

* Voting Conservative!

* Membership of the Conservative Party

* Involvement in a local branch

* Campaigning  

* Helping at elections

* Attending, or even organising, fund-raising events

* Donations

* Joining the Patrons’ Club

* Understanding the Conservative policies

The easiest way to support your local Constituency is to apply for membership, pay a minimum of £25.00 per person per annum, and wait for the invitations and notices to pop through the letterbox.

That’s fine for many, but increasingly we are being asked how to get involved physically, as well as financially.

The answer to that is to join your nearest Branch, who would be delighted to see a new face with fresh ideas, and become involved in the District, County and General Election campaigns, the fund raising and the excellent social life that is available.

If you are new to the idea of joining a political party, forget any pre-conceptions and be prepared to meet people from all walks of life and of all ages, who want to do something positive to support the Conservatives.