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Skipton & Ripon Conservative Constituency Association has many hundreds of members throughout the area, and would welcome more supporters to enjoy the benefits of membership. Many areas have active branches that meet regularly to organise branch events and political support, whilst the Association holds both political and social events on both sides of the constituency.

It’s a good time to join the Conservative Party

You can join the by filling out the membership form and returning it to us with your subscription. You can get a membership form by contacting Skipton and Ripon Conservative Association, our contact details are on the Contact Us page, or you can download it below. Membership costs £25 per year (or £5 if you are aged 22 years or under).

Am I Eligible?

Any person living in the United Kingdom is eligible to join the Conservative Party. Applicants are not required to be registered voters or United Kingdom nationals. People living outside the United Kingdom can join Conservatives Abroad. There is no upper or lower age limit on membership, although children under the age of 15 are not entitled to full voting rights. Membership of the Conservative Party is not compatible with membership of, or association with, any other registered political party. The Party reserves the right to refuse membership to any individual.

The Benefits of Membership

The principal benefit of membership of the Conservative Party is the right to participate. Paid up members of the Conservative Party have the following rights:

  • A vote in the selection of candidates for Westminster and Europe*
  • A vote in the election of Constituency Association Officers*
  • One member, one vote in the election of the Leader of the Party*
  • Representation on the governing board of the Party
  • The opportunity to attend Party Conferences

What your subscription also does is promote Conservative awareness in the constituency in the form of leafleting, newsletters, advertising, poster display and administrative support from Churchill House, with the main intention of ensuring that Conservatives are in the majority at Parliamentary, European, County, District and Borough council levels.

* New members will gain voting rights subject to a membership qualifying period of three months.

Subscription levels are:

Patrons Club and Cabinet Level: minimum £175 per year (£250 joint)

Ministerial Level:  £100 or over

Back-bench Level: £60 or over

Standard Level: £25 or over




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